Thursday, February 19, 2015

Prom in Georgia

Prom is a very special event in High School for 12th graders and Prom starts in March in Georgia. Goodness Limousine has been providing limousine service for prom since 2004, providing 1st class service to the students, providing safe ride and making sure the students enjoy their events. We provide music, water and soda drinks for the students, if there is any special request by the parents for the students, we provide it as long as it does not go against the law. We do not provide alcohol for the students, we do not roll up the dividers in our limousine for Prom students because we want our drivers to monitor what is going on at the back of the limo. We have repeated customers and customers who have referred our service to other parents for prom. We are ready and looking forward for this year's prom. If the students want to make an entrance to their prom venue this year, we recommend them to rent our Pontiac Grand Prix Limousine, it is classic, flashy, it has some bling bling flashing lights, also  light under the seat. With this limo arriving at the prom venue, they will look like Hollywood Celebrities. The interior of the limo is beautiful with neon colored changing lights, mirrored ceiling, ipod connector. Call today 770-573-9878 or make your reservation online at

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Chrysler 300 Sedan with 9" leg room

Ford Motors Company decided to stop the production of Lincoln Town Car  and replaced it with Lincoln MKT. Ford advisers consist of Limousine Companies owners and they told Ford not to stop the production of Town Car but turned deaf ear to their advice. Ford Motors action tells me they are dictators and not leaders, they want to shove Lincoln MKT down our throat, whether we like it or not we must buy and use MKT for Car Service. Lincoln MKT is not prestigeous and luxurious like Lincoln Town Car, I see MKT as a Mini-Van. Ford has lost Limousine business just as they lost Police business when they stopped the production of Crown Victoria, today Dodge Charger has become the new Police Car in America.
Since Lincoln MKT replaced Lincoln Town Car, I have been wishing that Chrysler will produce the next Sedan that the Limousine industry will use for Car Service and I am glad to break the news that Chrysler 300 might become the new Sedan for Car Service. I saw the picture of Chrysler 300 with 9" leg room for Limousine industry. This car is classic, sleek and beautiful. I am looking forward to see the mass production of this car. This is one car I will love to have in our fleet, not MKT


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

One of a kind Pontiac Limousine

Customers have been calling us, asking for one of a kind limousine. We are happy to announce that Goodness Limousine & Transportation Services in Atlanta has bought a 10 passengers white Pontiac Racing Stretch Limousine. Which makes us the only limousine company in Atlanta and in the State of Georgia that has a Pontiac Limousine. This limousine is sleek and classic and it is a head turner. For your special events like wedding, prom, anniversary, birthday, night on the town, girls night out, concert, sporting event, holiday light tour, this is the right limousine you need. The interior has black and white leather seat with RacingLimo logo, mirror ceiling, fiber optic lights, cops like blinking headlight, 4 Televisions, 2 racing cars models, Nascar flags, light at the bar. You will feel good riding this limousine. A trial will convince you. Call us today 7705739878 or make your reservation at Experience a grand ride!